Kids and Germs

Kids and Germs In these germ-phobic times, it’s easy to feel guilty for skipping the kids’ bath on a hectic evening or handing your baby’s paci back straight from the floor without rinsing it. The dirty truth: It’s nearly impossible to keep your kids perfectly clean all the time. Luckily, yo

A Guide for First Time Parents

You’ve survived 9 months of pregnancy. You’ve made it through the excitement of labor and delivery, and now you’re ready to head home and begin life with your baby. Once home, though, you frantically realize you have no idea what you’re doing! These tips can help even the most nervous first-

What To Do When Toddlers Bite

What To Do When Toddlers Bite Posted On: 01.4.2016 By: Sara Winslow | No Comments Many toddlers go through a “biting stage.” They bite their Mommies and Daddies, or they bite other children. The parents of children who are bitten become fierce defenders of their children. Their “I’ve got to

How to encourage our children

Posted On: 01.12.2016 By: Sara Winslow | No Comments 1. Encourage exploration, imagination and experimentation. 2. Stop saying “no.” If a yes can’t be worked, still don’t say no, instead offer them another area to explore, try and create. 3. Stop saying good job. Wait, what?! Did I read tha

Separation Anxiety in Babies

  What is separation anxiety in babies, what are the symptoms and how can you deal with it? There are ways to help children suffering with this anxiety day or night. At some point during their development, all babies will experience separation anxiety. This is very common and completely normal,